elaspa Partnership Benefits

WIFTI’s New Partnership with elaspa skincare 

In our July newsletter, we mentioned that during our board meeting in New Orleans, we created a new partnership with elaspa that will benefit not only individual chapters, but also their members. The details are as follows:

  1. Members can purchase elaspa skincare products in eco-friendly packaging online at a 30% discount off the retail price with the products being shipped directly to the address designated by the purchaser at a minimum cost for shipping.  Members will also have the opportunity to participate in any specials that elaspa will be initiating from time to time.
  2. If a member introduces elaspa to a professional spa resulting in that spa opening an account with elaspa, via the purchase of an initial minimum order of $2,500, that member will receive $250 in elaspa products of their choice at the aforementioned 30% discount as outlined in 1 above; and, that member’s chapter will receive a finder’s fee equivalent to 10% of that initial order (minimum $250).
  3. elaspa will also entertain sponsorship/gifting for key WIFTI and WIFTI chapter functions/events/initiatives (e.g. product baskets and/or the providing of gift certificates for facials at professional spas that promote/use elaspa products).
  4. On a quarterly basis, WIFTI will receive from elaspa an amount equal to 15% of all purchases made by members.

As to the product itself, we at the board meeting in New Orleans all tried the product and gave it a thumbs up.  Well established in over 4,000 medi-spas in Europe under the brand name, OrganicSeries, these products are a convergence of advanced science with 100% natural and 98% certified organic ingredients.  The products have made serious inroads in our industry in Vancouver as they have been adopted and used by the leading make-up artists including those on the latest Star Trek movie currently being shot.

In short elaspa has proven, sustainable results, is safe and is environmentally friendly.

To join this program please send an email to solutions@ela-spa.com with a subject line: WIFTI MEMBERSHIP. You will receive a temporary password to set up your personal account.