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Address: New Orleans, LA USA
Number of Members: 50
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Mission Statement

Supporting and celebrating the careers of Louisiana women in film, television and new media.

Women in Film and Television Louisiana (WIFT – Louisiana) is a 501c(3) nonprofit formed in 2011 and dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video and digital media. WIFT Louisiana is the local chapter of a global network comprised of over 40 Women in Film chapters worldwide with over 10,000 members working in all aspects of production.

About Your Chapter/History

Founded in 2010

2010 - 2011: Founding Members: Ali Duffy (Founding President), Carol Bidault de l'Isle, Jaye Calhoun, Claudia Carrère, Colette Delacroix, Liz Dunnebacke, Lily Keber, Suzette Toledano.

2011 – 2012 - Founding Board of Directors : Ali Duffey (President), Raelynn Loop (Vice-President), Liz Dunnebacke (Secretary), Claudia Carrère (Treasurer), Carol Bidault, Amanda Butler, Jaye Calhoun, Katherine Cecil, Colette Delacroix, Celeste Elechi, Ann Salzer and Suzette Toledano. Others who served on the board were: Conni Castille, Christina Melton, Laura Schweigman.

2013 - 2014 - Board of Directors : Helen Krieger (President), Tania Castellanos (Vice President), Claudia Carrere (Treasurer), Carol Bidault (WIFTI Liaison), Jaye Calhoun, Colette Delacroix, Liz Dunnebacke, Sharon Edwards, Kate Evans, Lily Keber, Sandy Parker, Suzette Toledano

2014 - 2015 - Board of Directors : Cindi Knapton (President), Kelli Bingham (Vice President), Claudia Carrere (Treasurer), Carol Bidault (WIFTI Liaison), Remika Breda, Melanie Buffett, Jaye Calhoun, Colette Delacroix, Sharon Edwards, Kate Evans, Victoria Greene, Jency Griffin Hogan, Anita Holsapple, Lily Keber, Shena Mullins, Sandy Parker, Maria Senger, Rachel Sigur, Suzette Toledano

2015 – 2016 Board of Directors: Kelli Bingham (Co- President), Cindi Knapton (Co-President), Claudia Carrère (Secretary & Treasurer), Carol Bidault de l'Isle (WIFTI Liaison), Shena Mullins (Programs), Sandy Parker (Membership), Jaye Calhoun, Colette Delacroix

Brief Description of your Key Programs

WIFT Louisiana offers a comprehensive program of seminars and workshops, catering to all levels and all areas of of the industry, to expand member’s knowledge and nurture professional competency in the state of Louisiana.

Main Events:
- Alice Evening (Monthly)
- New Orleans Film Festival / Panel on Women in the Industry (October)
- Holiday Party/ Iris Award (December)

WIFT Louisiana hosts regular networking events called Alice Evenings to provide an opportunity to meet and make friends with other professional women, enjoying each other’s company, expanding our contacts, and most importantly setting aside time to celebrate our skills and accomplishments.

WIFT Louisiana plans special events, seminars, parties and exhibitions throughout the year. It partners with other regional organizations to extend professional development opportunities for its members. In 2013, it will inaugurate the first annual WIFT Louisiana award.

WIFT Louisiana Board members Carol Bidault de l'Isle and Sheri Leigh Myers are the producers of the Women In Film & Television International Short Film Showcase ("WIFTI Short-Case"). For more information, visit:

Current Officers

2016 - 2017: Executive Board: President Carol Bidault, Vice President Colette Delacroix, Secretary Caterina Picone, Co-Secretary Sharon Edwards, Treasurer Candace Vaughn

Board members: Veleka Gray, Victoria Greene, Daneeta Jackson, Mariann Kwiat, Sandy Parker

Advisory Board members: Susan Brennan, Jaye Calhoun, Mari Kornhauser, Suzette Toledano, Claudia Carriere

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