NMWIF New Mexico

Profile Updated: August 29, 2011
NMWIF New Mexico
Address: Santa Fe, NM USA
Website/Homepage: www.nmwif.com
Number of Members: 130
President/Chair: Eileen Street
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Mission Statement

New Mexico Women in Film is a New Mexico-based outreach network committed to the professional development and achievement of women in the film and television industry through mentorship, networking, education and community service.

About Your Chapter/History

New Mexico Women in Film was conceived in 2004 and delivered in September of 2005. Janet Davidson, Deborah Johnson, Karen Koch and Kaaren Ochoa invited every woman listed in the New Mexico Film Directory to the initial meetings. They wanted better networking and more support in the unique world that is New Mexico filmmaking. (Our big budget productions come mainly from Los Angeles and are supplemented by growing low budget local indie production.) We are in a singular position that allows us, as filmmakers, significant opportunities to not only work, but to do work we love.

In 2005, NMWIF representatives attended a WIFTI world summit for the first time. We were the fastest growing chapter to date and received significant attention from the international membership. By creating a professional alliance and choosing to yoke ourselves with the international force that is Women in Film, we make a statement of our professionalism and our intentions, as women filmmakers.

Current Officers

Eileen Street – President
Chair, Finance Committee

Jill Dupont – Vice President
Chair, Website Committee

Lisa Van Allen – Treasurer
Member, Finance Committee

Lora Cunningham – Secretary
Chair, Media Committee

Tammy Decker - Chair
Sponsors/Benefits Committee

Janet Davidson - Chair
Programming/Facilities Committee

Victoria Bruneni - Chair
Membership Committee

Reina – Administrative Assistant