WIFT NSW Australia

Profile Updated: July 28, 2015
WIFT NSW Australia
Address: POTTS POINT, New South Wales Australia
Website/Homepage: www.wiftnsw.org.au
President/Chair: Laura Sivis
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Mission Statement


To promote diverse and positive representation of women in screen based media
To enhance women's professional development
To ensure Equal Employment Opportunities for women
To promote women's achievements
To maintain a communications network for women
To raise women's issues
To lobby for improvement in the related industries

About Your Chapter/History

Women in Film and Television NSW is committed to improving the status of women, both on and off the screen, by supporting and advancing women working in the film, television and related screen industries. We are a membership based non-profit organisation.

In 1982 a group of women, committed to improving the position and representation of women in the film and television industries, established Women in Film and Television NSW. WIFT recognises the professional excellence achieved by women in all areas of the industry, providing a unique forum for communication, professional development and networking.

Brief Description of your Key Programs

WOW is a unique showcase of films by women, allowing for a different storytelling and giving another perspective of the world through women’s eyes. WOW promotes and awards the talents of women filmmakers in many roles.

Media Mentorship For Women (MMW)
MMW is a unique program that establishes one-to-one mentor relationships between industry professionals and emerging women filmmakers who are seeking to further their careers in key technical areas such as Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, Script Writing and other areas in which women are consistently under represented.




Current Officers

President: Laura Sivis
Vice President: Rosemary Reid
Secretary: Lolina Grover

Committee Members:
Annie Parnell, Catherine Turner, Sara Kidd

Sub-Committee Members:
Beverley Callow, Amy Wardrop, Ciara Read

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