WIFTV Vancouver

Profile Updated: June 13, 2015
Address: Vancouver, BC Canada
Website/Homepage: www.womeninfilm.ca
Number of Members: 350
President/Chair: Sarah Kalil, President 2015-2017
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Mission Statement

WIFTV is an internationally affiliated non-profit society committed to advancing and celebrating women in screen-based media. We are the Vancouver chapter of Women in Film & Television International (WIFTI).

The support WIFTV receives from its members brings our Women in Film Festival, workshops, and networking events to life. Membership fees ensure that our office can continue to support these programs, as well as our Spotlight Awards, the VIFF Artistic Merit Award, and the Whistler Film Festival Industry Mentorship Award, all of which promote and recognize women in the screen-based media industry.

About Your Chapter/History

The Women In Film and Television Vancouver Society was founded in 1989 by Peggy Thompson, Sharon McGowan and Barbara Janes under the name Vancouver Women In Film and Video Society. The membership was 100+. The National Film Board provided support by donating the first meeting space. Initially, the organization’s mandate was to shed light on the number of women working in the motion picture industry and to provide them with top-notch professional development.

The first major endeavor was the Producers Workshop series: A three-year educational program aimed at increasing access to information about funding to increase the number of indigenous productions being created by women. The best and brightest guest speakers were invited to co-write the first Producers Workbook. This launched the careers of many of Vancouver’s top female producers, directors and industry managers. WIFVV assisted in raising the profile and stature of professional women in the industry.

A "Directors Series" followed in the early 90"s, and a new array of events and programs for the growing membership were added yearly. In 1995, "Moving Up!” a mentorship program" was started to attract young women to the industry. Men were also welcomed in a membership category called "Friends of WIFVV." Next WIFVV presented Flash Forward, a career boosting workshop, and The Spotlight Awards, an event honouring women working in the film industry.

In 1999 WIFVV hired its first coordinator, in a permanent office.

Brief Description of your Key Programs

WIFTV remains the only organization focusing on the advancement and celebration of women working in the screen-based media industry through a wide range of opportunities for education, networking and advocacy:

• Professional development workshops;
• Awards and mentorships;
• The Producer’s Workbook – newly updated 4th Edition published in June 2010;
• Vancouver Women in Film Festival – our 6th annual festival will be March 4-8, 2011;
• Monthly Networking Breakfasts with industry guest speakers;
• Martini Madness Party – one of the premier networking parties of the VIFF;
• Online member directory http://www.womeninfilm.ca/whos_who.html;
• News and updates through our website, social media, and e-news bulletins;
• A members-only section of the website containing a member directory, job board, discussion forum, and exclusive offers to members.
• Advocacy on issues of concern to women, to assure fair and equitable opportunities in the industry.

“I responded to a WIFTV newsletter call for a woman to direct a feature film with a plot woven around the issue of breast cancer. I had just wrapped a 2-hour feature documentary on breast cancer and had been trying to cross over into directing drama for decades. I applied for the position, the producer flew to Toronto where I was temporarily working, met with me and hired me. I am now working with him on several drama projects and have a brilliant professional relationship with his company. All of this was made manifest through my continued membership with WIFTV. Dare to dream! Join WIFTV.” – Mary Frymire, La Sirena Pictures Inc.

Current Officers

Sarah Kalil, President 2015-2017
Krista Magnusson, Vice President 2015-2017
Karen Wong, Teasurer 2014-2016
Shannon Kaplun, Secretary 2015-2017

Amanda Burke, Director 2015-2017
Rachel Dudley, Director 2015-2017
Frances Flanagan, Director 2014-2016
Eileen Hoeter, 2014-2016
Arwen Hunter,2014-2016
Carla Jones,2015-2017
Dusty Kelly, Director 2015-2017
Lena Lees Heidt, Director 2014-2016
Sharon McGowan, Director 2014-2016
Michelle Muldoon, Director 2014-2016
Meeshelle Neal, Director 2015-2017
Nicola Pender, Director 2015-2017
Michele Billy Povil Director 2015-2017
Christina Toms Director 2015-2017

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