The Presidents'/Executive Directors' calls are toll free calls held every other month in order to allow Leadership of the Chapters to connect and discuss issues relevant to their Chapters.  Either the President or the Executive Director or senior employee of the Chapters may call in.  If neither is available, another officer may call in.  If the Chapter desires more than one person to be on the line, they may invite another person to join but please choose in advance who will be speaking on behalf of your Chapter.  No more than 2 representatives from a Chapter should be on the line so that we may have an effective call.

The Schedule & Subject for the Upcoming Presidents'/Executive Directors' 2015/2016 3:00 EST Calls are as follows:

September 8, 2015    CEC, Social Media, WIFTI Website

November 10, 2015   Partnerships - elaspa, etc.

January 12, 2015       March 8 Showcase, CEC

March 8, 2016           Celebrating accomplishments.  How are you celebrating?

May 10, 2016            Short-Case Wrap-up, CEC

July 12, 2016            Short-Case kick off/advocacy