Pay WIFTI Dues &Fees

WIFTI Dues are assessed to each Chapter on an annual basis.  Dues are payable by the end of the WIFTI fiscal year - June 30.  The Chapter should decide during the fiscal year what time of year is best for them to pay their dues - i.e. immediately after their major fundraiser or Chapter Dues drive.  Obviously, in order to carry on WIFTI business we would like you to pay your dues earlier rather than later but we understand the cash flow issues of all the Chapters.


The majority of the money WIFTI receives is from dues.  We are challenged to receive sponsorship because it puts us in direct competition with the Chapters.  We use the dues for our programs for the Chapters.  If you are arrears in your dues you are not eligible to apply for a Film Festival Grant or any other WIFTI grant until you are current for 3 years.  Your members will also not be eligible for the Short-Case (formerly the WIFTI Showcase) to receive cash prizes.


During the WIFTI Board meeting in Santa Fe in October 2010, new WIFTI dues amounts were voted:  the Dues assessment remains $2/Chapter Member including all member classes.  However, the NEW minimum dues amount for any Chapter will be $50 and the maximum any Chapter will be assessed is $1,500.  Examples: 1) If you have 20 members, you will pay the minimum $50.  2) If you have 1000 members, you will pay the maximum of $1,500. 

You may pay via Pay Pal below or a credit card if you do not have a Pay Pal  Account.  If you have more than 750 members, input only "750" when filling out the payment form so you will only be assessed the $1500, if you have 20 members or less, input "25" so the system will calculate the minimum amount of $50.  Don't forget to fill in your proper Membership count on your Chapter Profile Page.

All fees are payable in US Dollars.  Chapters arrears in paying their dues -  please Contact our Treasurer, Carol Bidault, at for a discussion of how your Chapter can best deal with this issue.


Please print out and use this as your invoice to calculate dues:

Year June/20__

Chapter Members = ________  X $2 = __________ Total Dues  or

Over 1000 members = $1500  Total Dues or

Less than 25 Members = $50  Total Dues


To pay DUES via PayPal: 

Emerging Chapters - once a Chapter has legally organized in their Country or State, they pay no dues during the first year while they gain momentum for their Chapter.  After one year, they will begin paying dues and are eligible to have a seat on the WIFTI Board.




If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to: WiFTLA

Mail to: 


P.O. Box 57737

New Orleans, Louisiana 70157