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Wifta Alberta  
Wifta Atlanta  
Wift-At Atlantic Provinces   
Wift Nsw Australia   
Bawifm Bay Area California   
Wift Brasil  
Women In Film Chicago  
Cuban Women Filmmakers Cuba  
Women In Film Dallas   
Wift/Dk Denmark  
Asociación de Mujeres Del Ci…   
Wift Finland   
Wift-Fl Florida   
Wiftg Germany   
Wift Houston   
Wift. Is Iceland  
Wiftai India -Mumbai  
Wift Ireland   
Kcwift Kansas City  
Wif Las Vegas  
Wif Los Angeles   
WiFT Louisiana Louisiana   
McYtv Mexico  
Mn Wift Minnesota  
Fctnm /Wift Montréal    
Wift Nashville, Tennessee   
Wifvne New England    
Nmwif New Mexico   
Nywift New York  
Wift New Zealand   
Pswift Palm Springs   
Fctv Paris (Wift Paris)   
Pwift Philadelphia  
Wifmpit Pittsburgh   
Wif Portland  
Wif Seattle Seattle  
Wift Sweden  
Women In Film & Media Tennessee   
Wift-T Toronto  
Wftv Uk   
Women In Film Utah   
Wiftv Vancouver   
Wift Vic Victoria Australia    
Wifv Washington Dc   

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Faith Dickson
Carol Savoie-Wbst Admin F…    
Carol Bidault de l'Isle, MEM…   
Sandy Parker (Parker)   
Eileen Hoeter Wifti Board Chair   
Linda McDill Wifti Board Member
Nancy Puetz Wifti Board Member
Sadie Groom Wifti Board Member
Meighan McGuire Wifti Board M…   
Kimberly Skyrme Wifti Board MEMB…  

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